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The Media Library OnLine (in short: MLOL) is the first and largest Italian digital library, accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It is a great resource for students because it allows to borrow ebooks by leading Italian publishers, consult thousands of newspapers from all around the world, listen to music and audiobooks in streaming and download formats, and access hundreds of thousands of other digital resources.

A great news for foreign students is that English and German languages are supported. To log in, just insert your matricula and password you use to access other Tor Vergata’s services (i.e. Delphi) – there’s no need to create a new profile.

Why is it important to you?

Well, you can borrow up to 3 e-books (for 14 days) per month, up to 3 songs per week and you can pick various films, while you can consult – unlimitedly – newspapers and worldwide magazines. Download the app “MLOL Reader”, available both for App Store and Play Store, to have a complete e-book reading experience!

There are major newspapers and magazines available such as The Guardian, Il Sole 24 Ore, Forbes, China Today, as well as minor and local ones from all around the world. Now, I am perfectionating my german language skills: that’s why I am consulting the magazine “Deutsche Perfekt”. During the last months I have been saving around 10 Euros per copy thanks to that service, in contrast to what I was paying when I was back in Austria!

You will note that there are two different kinds of resources: “MLOL Resources” and “OPEN Resources”. The former refers to the resources purchased by your library of reference; hence its availability is subject to the library, which decides the resources meant to be available to users. Instead, the latter allows you to pick resources among a completely free collection of 560,000 different available, such as ebooks, audiobooks, sheet music, audio and video resources, e-learning, maps and more.

Should you need assistance, you can simply hit the “Do you need help?” button at the bottom of the page; if you have doubts or you cannot log in, you can write to Remember to check if your query has been already answered in the FAQ section.

Check out the links below and Enjoy MLOL! Website: Guide (English):

Article by Andrea Valeri

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