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Attend your lesson, learn from the book, take the exam.


Now do it again, till your graduation day.

If you think that the university life can be different from this, then you’re not alone.

Uninformazione is born to allow students from each faculties to put into practice what we have already learned, develop soft-skills and to have more confidence in ourselves.

Studying is very important, as well as what we experience, and the challenges we face!

The following electoral program summarises in 7 points our idea of University, we hope that our idea may become a reality thanks to your help.

1 Third mission of the university:

Forging a link among the world of university education, schools and workplace, in order to give opportunity for companies and the civil society to find in loco the skills they need. Through the Third Mission the University can activate direct interaction processes with the civil society, institutions and the students aiming at promoting valorisation and  transfer of knowledge.

  • Organise hackathon with companies and startups;
  • Regularly organise meeting and workshop with practitioners (managers, mentors, experts) in order to facilitate contacts between students and job market;
  • Regularly organise meetup with companies and startups;
  • Orientation days with mentors, professionals and managers from companies, research centres and institutions;
  • Construction of a technology hub and supported the development of startup incubators;

2 Student Life:

Students do not live their student life to the fullest, that comes down to mere attending lectures, living out significant and important experience. We want to improve the experience of each student.

  • Organization of guided tours to discover the wonders of Rome;
  • Organise the PROM of Tor Vergata;
  • Improve the dissemination of information on the opportunities that the University  offers to students;
  • Organise afternoon events within the faculties ( happy hour, networking and discussion, round table with excellent guests etc…);
  • Organise workshop and testimony with managers and institutions;
  • Planning and promotion of research centres, tours, scientific laboratories, embassies, institutions, companies and cultural centres etc;

3 Teaching and study rooms

In each faculty there are some issues to be analysed and solved; the most important and common to the whole University can be solved by:

  • Adjustment and, if necessary, restructuring the study rooms and construction of new study areas within the faculties if these are missing or not adequate;
  • Construction of relax areas within the faculties where students can study together, but also take a break without disturbing who needs more concentration in the standard study rooms;
  • Full time opening of all classrooms, both before and after classes, in order to have as much study areas as possible;
  • Rationalisation of exam dates;
  • Standardised attribution procedures for thesis;
  • Improvement and optimization of the students survey on teaching;

4 Sustainability and environment:

The issue of environmental pollution becomes ever more important and it is necessary to put in place policies to tackle climate change

  • Bins for separate collection in the green areas;
  • Start reducing the use of plastic at the cafeteria, snack machines, bar;
  • Widespread distribution of water dispenser, in order to the reduce the single-use plastics and distribution of eco-friendly bottles to all the students;
  • Redevelopment of green areas of each Faculty. The green areas will then be equipped with benches and fountains;
  • Collaborations with the local society to redevelop and cleaning up the nearby area;

5 Digitalization of the University:

We believe that in the era in which we live, the University must keep pace with the times to accelerate the digitalization process.

  • Improvement of the WI FI network throughout the University;
  • Modernization of multimedia equipment in all classrooms;
  • Renovation / reorganization of the Faculty and Degree Course sites so that they can be easily understood and accessible to all students and that there is uniformity between the sites of all the Faculties;
  • Installation of televisions with information on lesson times in all the Faculties;
  • Implementation of e-learning platform (Moodle / Google Classroom) for all the Faculties;

6 Logistics and transport

University must be regarded as a common good and easily accessible by all the students, for this reason we must implement practical proposals.

In order to make it easier to travel, we want to propose ticket offices (COTRAL and ATAC tickets) within the faculties;

  • Extend the opening bar times;
  • Improve the connection of the faculties and the cafeteria LazioDISCO, with particular attention to the Science Faculty;
  • Supporting sustainable and more environmentally friendly modes of transport, carsharing, improve the connection of faculties with the metro stations;
  • Organization of sponsored events by BlaBlaCar, Car2Go and Enjoy in order to set up carpool groups;
  • Find appropriate areas and open up tendering for copy store within the faculties;
  • Projects to offer students with disabilities equal opportunities in their right to education, by implementing specific actions to remove obstacles limiting their integration in the university;

7 Help for international students

The University works in an international context and with many international students, therefore we have to think about chances of social and professional integration.

  • Projects to encourage social, intercultural and also inter-religious dialogue in each Faculty;
  • Cooperation with international universities, in order to improve coordination between universities and further develop the exchange experience, based on the needs of the students;
  • Web portals in English, that provide all the practical and administrative information related to the academic offer;
  • Counters for suggestions, support and healthcare for international students;

If you have any problem or come up with some new ideas, feel free to contact us to all our social channels or by email:  info.uninformazione@gmail.com.

If you want to meet us, come and visit us in our office! Economics Faculty, Build A, underground floor.

We are waiting for you!

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