#TorVergataElectionDay: the Department of Economics and Finance (DEF)


The first round of the elections of the representatives of the Board of the Department of Economics and Finance (DEF Board – 8 students and 2 doctoral students) are going to be held on July 7 2020. In case of failure reaching the quorum, a second-round will take place on 13 July.


About the Department

The Department is an organizational structure endowed with areas of managerial autonomy of scientific-disciplinary sectors with functions concerning research, teaching and related activities. To fulfil these functions, the Department independently manages spaces and structures that are assigned by the Central Administration.

For its part, the DEF Board is the main representative organ that coordinates the activities of the Department: it can deliberate on the activation or suppression of the Degree Programs, on their didactic arrangement and on their organization: Among its multiple competencies, it also includes the right to approve the Department’s budget proposal and decide on the management of the assigned spaces.

The DEF Board is composed of:

  1. a) all the professors and researchers from the Department;
  2. b) a representation of the technical, administrative and library staff assigned to the Department;
  3. c) a representation of PhD students and students.

Why vote?

They say that voting is a right and a duty: It allows us to be heard and to act in synergy with the other representative organs of the Department and of the University: the only goal is to shape a modern university that is suitable for students. During the days of the Covid-19, the digital urn is more than ever the indispensable place for the change, where we can lay the necessary foundations of a fresh startcum grano salis“.

By high-capacity fiber optic cables, 4G mobile, a vintage dial-up, or whatever you have.. just keep following us to find out how to vote!

Stay tuned!

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