#TorVergataElectionDays: Bianca Pralea for the University Sport Committee

The elections of the new representatives for the Central University Bodies are upon us: we are also here at UnInFormazione with our Bianca Pralea!

Bianca Pralea

Bianca Pralea is a student of the three-year degree course in Lymph – Languages ​​in the information society. She has been a member of the UnInFormazione Association for over a year now, curious, cheerful and energetic. “Passionate about sports since childhood, my relief and well-being valve. In short, sport has been a life partner for me for years now.”

Some facts about the University Sports Committee

The University Sports Committee promotes and increases the sporting practice of university students, also through the organization of start-up and advanced courses in the various disciplines and the university-based competitive activity, making use of the University Sports Center (CUS) it oversees the management directions sports facilities; formulates proposals and opinions on sports building programs.

Having representatives on the University Sports Committee means:

– support the “University and sport” working group;

– propose and define the general policy of the University on sports issues;

– designing functional initiatives for this purpose.

Why are we running?

The Covid situation has limited the world of sport, which is why it is essential to share again, in total safety and in compliance with covid regulations. The aim is to encourage greater involvement on the part of students who are lovers and not in sports, trying to increase outdoor activities and sports centers.

For UnInFormazione it is essential to guarantee:

– the attribution of CFU for sporting merits in the name of the university valid for students enrolled in any degree course;

– the setting up, where possible, of sports centers inside the University of Tor Vergata;

– a creation of annual tournaments that include various disciplines on the model of the Olympics and Paralympics through collaboration with our internal Cus.

“We think it’s also important to look at the University as a model of physical activity education, with the addition of some healthy competition. Vote for UnInFormazione in the next student elections in May. You too can make a difference.”

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