Bunny Tokens: the new cryptocurrency


One of the biggest industry in the world is the adult industry the adult industry makes 103 billion dollars approx. What is the problem with the adult industry? .There is no anonymity for the customers of adult content and the product even though most preferred to be hidden all the adult industry businesses are classified as high risk. But banks and financial institution and that’s why Bunny Tokens come inside the adult industry.

Bunny Token

Bunny token is a reliable and an anonymous cryptocurrency based on the ethereum blockchain in technology so the customer of the adult industry wants to purchase premium content or a product on a website X.

The customer can choose bunny token as payment method it can easily confirm payment and its purchase is complete.

The transaction is done entirely through the blockchain technology the transaction is 100 percent reliable because cryptocurrencies always belong to the owner and cannot be expressed to fraud.

Rating of Bunny

Bunny tokens are rated 4.3/5 in ICO bench, 99/100 in ICO Ranker and 4.4/5 in ICO track. The token sales start on the 13 of March and end on the 25th of may 2018.

The price of the token will increase during the token sales like 1 % every day. Bunny token will charge lows fees on a transaction, 100% anonymity.

The bunny token can be bought with all the cryptocurrency with Ethereum blockchain.

The Seychelles-based company, which has raised US$3.17 million in pre-initial token sales as of this week, is issuing 1 billion tokens known as Bunny.

This New Cryptocurrency will lead the future of the adult industry for business and consumer, it will become the mainstream payment method for the Adult Industry.


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