#TorVergataElectionDays: Elia Marcellini for the University Assessment Unit

The elections of the new representatives for the Central University Bodies are upon us: we are also here at UnInFormazione with our Elia Marcellini!

Elia Marcellini

Elia Marcellini is a student on the three-year degree course in Economics and Management. Member of the Board of Directors of UnInFormazione, he also holds the role of representative in the Joint Commission for the Faculty of Economics since 2019.

Some facts about the University Assessment Unit

The University Assessment Unit verifies the progress of the University management and the achievement of the programmatic objectives and reports to the Board of Administrators. It submits periodic reports on the results of its audits to the Rector and other University bodies.

It carries out its functions in order to promote in universities, in full autonomy and with its own organizational methods, the merit and improvement of organizational and individual performance.

In particular, the University Assessment Unit verifies the correctness and cost-effectiveness of management; the quality and effectiveness of the educational offer; the research activity carried out by the Departments; the effectiveness of interventions to support the right to education.

The University Assessment Unit is made up of seven members, including at least two experts in the field of evaluation, including non-academic, designated by the Board of Administrators on the proposal of the Rector, after consulting the Academic Senate, including two professors of the University; four highly qualified individuals from outside the University; a student representative elected by all students.

Why are we running?

From the experience gained within the Joint Economics Commission, Elia learned the use of an analytical approach and indicators for evaluation in support of student representation.

By submitting the candidacy for the University Assessment Unit, he intends to give continuity to his path, bringing attention to issues that can create value for the entire student community of Tor Vergata through, for example, the integration of auxiliary indicators to ANVUR ones, to a more in-depth assessment of the quality of services and the well-being of students.

Through staff training, as this is a strategic tool for achieving the objectives, through training courses in line with the activities they carry out and the needs that emerged following the mapping of skills).

With the aim of guaranteeing the right to study, by verifying the effectiveness of the support measures put in place so far, in relation to the number of applicants, to promote the increase in the amount and number of grants in favor of deserving and needy students, also through the share of financial resources made available by the National Recovery and Resilience Plan.

As an off-site student, I also feel the issue of infrastructures is close: it will therefore be my concern to promote and evaluate the possibility of creating new residential structures for students, also leveraging the planned revisions of the current legislation mentioned in the PNRR, and financial resources. destined by the same to this area of ​​intervention.

With your vote we can change the University: in the elections of the Central Bodies in May, support Elia Marcellini, vote for UnInFormazione!

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